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4oz. Sticks


4oz. Kulfi Sticks

​The 4oz Kulfi flavored sticks are great for those Grab & Go moments when you want a quick refreshing snack.  These single serve sticks are great for Kids and Adults alike and are individually wrapped for your convenience. Perfect compliments when served at parties, holidays, and other gatherings; Or simply when the family wants to enjoy a frozen snack together.

16oz. & 32oz. Ice Cream Tubs

These share-able 16oz. and 32oz. Kulfi Ice Cream tubs will do wonders for those classic Family Moments. The two sizes allow the flexibility of choosing the right amount for serving whether its after a family dinner or serving a bite when having guests over.  Grab these tubs of amazing flavors to serve elegantly at your next gathering. 

Ice Cream Tubs

16oz & 32oz

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